Leikkikoulussa lapsi ja lapsen tarpeet otetaan ensin huomioon. Tärkein tavoitteemme on luoda lapsia innostava ympäristö, joka tarjoaa runsaasti hauskoja oppimiskokemuksia ja jossa lapsella on vapaus valita oma työnsä ja toimintansa henkilökohtaisen luontaisen kiinnostuksensa ja kykyjensä mukaan.

English language

Playschool’s goal is to provide an opportunity for children to learn a second language in a natural, fun, safe, interesting and unpressured environment. We keep it as natural as possible, keeping English “in the air” throughout the day. As teaching methods, we use songs, poems, daily discussions, rhymes, indoor and outdoor games and stories. In addition, the Montessori activities provide an excellent concrete medium for showing and demonstrating the meaning of the new words. These are all fun ways for children to learn in active and natural ways.

When instructing children for the first time with a new Montessori activity, we can easily check to be sure they know the basic concepts in Finnish (numbers, colors, sizes, shapes,. and then use the opportunity to give the names in English.  Information words (names of countries, leaf shapes, geometric solids, plants and animals, etc.) are introduced from the beginning in English since they will learn those in Finnish when they are in school.

We always use a child’s home language, when he or she is new to our group, when solving differences between friends, during emotional times, when explaining the rules.  During these times the most important thing is the child’s comfort and that they know they are understood.

Daily routines

Routines of the day consists of Montessory work (chores, sensorial awareness, language, mathematics and culture) and meal times and outdoor activities. Part-time schedule includes a warm lunch meal. Full-time schedule includes breakfast, warm lunch and a snack.

Playschool is open Mon-Fri 7:15 – 17.00

(Preschoolers have a bit different daily routines)

7.15 Playschool opens, whole-day children starts to arrive

8-8.30 Breakfast is served

8.45 Half-day children arrive

8.45-11.15 Children have Montessori activity time

10-11 Snack is served

11.20 Circles starts

11.45-12.30 Lunch starts

Outside play (half-day children leave at 14.00)

13.45-14.00 Whole-day children go inside

~14.15 Resting time approx. 30 mins (longer for those who fall asleep)

14.45 Snack

16-16.15 Children start to go out gradually

17.00 Playschool closes

Book about us

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