Board of Trustees 2019-2020

Maria Kämppi


Mariliisa Virolainen

Deputy chairman

Laura Manner-Raappana


Henrik Rainio


Hanna Torvasti

Convener of parent's association

Crystal Nuuttila

Playschool Director

Elina Hunter

Substitute member

Tony Hakala

Substitute member

Board of Trustees will be elected every two years. Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary takes part Playschools administrative tasks. Other board members tasks are more project kind of tasks. 


Parent's Association

Along with the board the parent’s association is actively working for Playschool’s community effort. Parent’s association works with projects such as Mäntsälä Summer Opening and Fair booth, Open house -events, Fund raising, Autumn leaf raking etc. We welcome all parents to have an active role with the association. It’s fun and rewarding to do it together.

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