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Enrollment and Fees

For your child to have the best possibility of joining the Playschool, it is good to send in your application form as early as possible. Some families even register their children soon after birth. The number of new children admitted each year depends on the number who leave to begin school or move away from the community. New children are enrolled each autumn, according to their order on the waiting list. Sisters and brothers of children already enrolled are given priority entrance, and we try to maintain a balance of different age groups and genders.

You can print an enrollment application forms here pdf_button, pick one up from the Playschool office, or one can be sent to you by post. Return the completed enrollment form as soon as possible, and the office will take contact with you to confirm your application has been processed.


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Kela provides financial support for children enrolled at the Playschool, and Mäntsälä municipality provides additional support.  The support each family recieves depends on their individual financial circumstances, the maximum families pay for half-day enrollment is 185€ per month, and whole day enrollment is 260€ per month.  Families receiving a home-care allowance (kotihoidontuki) can also receive Private Daycare Allowance support.
The monthly fee for children in the 5,5-hour preschool group is 68€.

In July, when the Playschool is closed, a fee of 10€ is collected to hold each child's place for the next season.
Both half and whole day preschoolers fees for August and June are arranged differently.
You can get more infformation from the Playschool Director or Treasurer.

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