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Our mission and curriculum

tilatOur Mission

In designing programs and activities, the children and their needs are our first consideration. Our aim is to provide them with a well-balanced, healthy and interesting environment offering a wide range of different types of activities and interactions. Each child is an individual, and qualified teachers guide them to activities which interest and challenge them so they will have enjoyable learning experiences. Children are free to choose the activities which appeal to their individual characters, natural interest areas and skill levels.


Our Guiding Principles


Our inspiring, beautiful and colorful evironment offers a wide variety of enjoyable learning experiences, time to play freely and to make friends.


A place that feels like home - the house and playground feel safe, warm and comfortable.


 "English in the air"- because young children can learn second languages easily and naturally through everyday interaction and with the concrete help of the Montessori activities. They also become aware and accepting of other people, languages and cultures.


Montessori education appreciates each child's own individuality. It provides an excellent foundation for future learning, using materials which are designed to make the experience concrete, and logical and motivating. The method encourages self-initiation, thinking and working independently, and showing consideration and respect for others.

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