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The Playschool goes organic!

As everyone is becoming more conscious of the quality of the food we eat, here at Playschool we too take this seriously. Beginning in the autumn of 2011, we have taken steps to improve the nutritional value of our food services for children by now providing as much organic and locally grown foods as are available. We have also increased the "fresh" foods that we offer by serving more homemade and home baked goods.

Children have noticed and begun to appreciate the smell of fresh baked bread in the air, and at the lunch table we hear: "Is this homemade or store bought bread?" Of course this increases our food costs somewhat, but our Board of Trustees and the general opinion from our parents and teachers is that it is a good way to spend our money.

In Media

Montessori-lehti, Finland's Montessori Unions magazine article in 2012

pdf_button Mäntsälän Montessorileikkikoulu 15 vuotta (PDF 500kt)

Viikkouutiset, Mäntsälä's local newspaper ran an article about us in October 2010, and you can read it HERE. (the article has been moved to another location under Mäntsälä-lehti)

Montessori-lehti, Finland's Montessori Magazine published an article about us in January 2011, and you can read it HERE (PDF).

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