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Applying to playschool

Please print out our application form, you may also collect it from the Playschool. Give your application in person or by emailing to

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Q: Does my child need to speak English to be able to attend to the Playschool?

English learning in Playschool is designed for Finnish-speaking children. Children learn English while doing their Montessori tasks, singing and playing, in regular daily routines.

Our teachers speak to children in English and in Finnish, if child is sad, we always use his/hers own mother language.

Q: We are receiving KELA -support for younger child’s home care in our family, can we also get KELA -support for the child in Playschool?

Yes, you can get KELA support for a child in Playschool’s day care.

Q: How do children learn in the Montessori classroom if children choose what they wish to practise themselves?

Children are allowed to free movement in the classroom as well as choosing their tasks. They can work independently or in a pair. With a task a child may focus as long as he/she wants to. Others respect that focusing. We offer 2,5 hour aninterrupted time for making tasks every morning. This is one of the ground principles in Montessori classroom. When the child is ready he/she cleans the working space. Our teachers guide children to tasks designed to their age. This is how develop a ground for learning and being responsible for their tasks.

Q: How English language is used in the Playschool?

We teach in English – and English is brought to ears within all the daily routines and Montessori tasks, sing and play English-in-the-air. Teachers and parents may talk English together and children learn how the language is used daily. Older children also teach to younger children in our age groups. In Mäntsälä children go to Finnish school so many of the basic skills are first taught in Finnish i.e. letters and numbers, as the child’s curiosity arises he/she can also learn them in English.